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Ladies who like better comfort in daily life prefer the sportswear combinations. Tracksuits, tights and T-shirts are the most preferred pieces. Sports combinations are naturally used in daily life and while doing sports. Ladies who want to look stylish and elegant in the fitness center may prefer colorful and printed combinations. Tracksuits are essential parts of the sportswear. The most preferred color in top and bottom tracksuits is gray. You can always create stylish combinations with the gray tracksuit. hooded top is mostly used for the top tracksuit. You may put your signature on your sport look with the hooded top.  Women who want to add extra elegance to the sportswear may try out the glittering and colorful pieces. In recent years, the shimmery tights that are quite popular have taken their place in wardrobes with different color options.T-shirts that suit all styles are naturally essential part of the sport combinations. Abundant T-shirt gives you freedom of movement, as well as provide perfect fit with your tights. You may find the most fashionable and trendy pieces for women's sportswear category at Sveltostella.com.tr.