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Women Pants

By Stella Shop

Pants have been Designed for a comfortable, stylish and styled appearance. Pants have become an indispensable part of women with its unique piece that you may use in every season and environment. In addition to the classic trousers, you may enrich your closet with different trousers such as narrow trot, carrot cut and cigarette. Trousers that entered the life of women as a revolution in the 50s began to widespread in the 60s. From the past to the present Spanish trousers, patterned, narrow trot, high waist and low waist as styled pants; still maintain its popularity. Most commonly, jeans are preferred. We agree with you, we love to combine colorful, patterned produced jeans in our daily life. You may guarantee your elegance by combining jeans with stilettos, leather trousers with oxford shoes, stretch pants with high-heeled boots. We recommend you to research chiffon pants or sequin pants for a more remarkable style.  One of the main reasons that pants are the only part of wardrobes is to be able to find a cut suitable for every body and weight. Narrow trotter trousers, loose trousers, high waist trousers, low waist trousers and trendy boyfriend jeans as well as mom jeans or pipe trousers: there is also a cut according to your body type. You may research kinds of pants and tights suitable for every style and body structure from our Sveltostella.com.tr pants category that we have compiled for you. 

  • June 8,2020