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Women's vest

By SveltoStella

Ladies who follow trends closely know; the vest is a timeless joker part! when you capture a classic look with the vest that you wearing on the white shirt, you open the doors of masculine style with tuxedo vest! But first let's start from the basics: Inflatable vest. The inflatable vest is one of the basic parts of every closet, whether it be men, women, children or baby. Besides being light and stylish, it is a gathering and practical option. Inflatable vest is available on every dress. We are very used to wear vests on jeans, tracksuit, but what about wearing a vest on blazer jacket? What about wearing vest in a suit? Even though the fashion perspective and usage of clothes are changed rapidly, the parts used remain the same. Of course, the inflatable vest is not outdated, but if you want to do something different you may try long inflatable vests. You may get support from suede vest in order to soften your combination and to get a more romantic look. On the contrary, leather vest would be an ideal choice for a more stiff or feminine look. If you can't give up the classic, you may prefer the wool vests. In spring and summer, the combed vest can be your savior. In recent years, fur and plush fabrics which more preferred are also widely used in vests. You may renew your combination completely with plush vest or a vest adorned with fur details. For a wide range of different styles and models, you may visit Sveltostella.com.tr in order to review the vest category that we have compiled for you.

  • June 8,2020