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By Stella Shop

Jackets are indispensable piece of classical style. Blazer jacket, large size jacket, stamp jacket or fabric  jacket...! It is possible to come across at least one jacket in every woman's shelf regardless of preference. The first choice that comes to everyone’s mind is to use together classic fabric trousers and jacket. We know that you love Classic jacket , but recommend you also try out boyfriend coat jacket. With the arrival of the winter season, velvet jacket began to take its place in the showcases. You would not believe how well suits your jeans with corduroy jacket! Don’t hesitate to suit this combination with cowboy boots. Don’t leave elegance with at the meeting with a satin jacket you will wear on a black dress. And Crown of each season is Leather Jackets. We love them very much because it makes a magic touch on every dress. Even when you carry your leather jacket in your hand, you can instantly get a stylish and elegant look. Sports jackets are ideal for everyday use for those who want to be stylish and want to compromise on comfort. The embroideries, epaulettes and beads added to the jackets in recent years are still very trendy. You can go out at night with a zippered detail or stone embroidered jacket, as well you can even combine your evening dress. For those who want to be glamorous and always shine, sequin jackets are the perfect match. Also you can watch Sveltostella.com.tr for other patterned, plaid, embroidered, quilted, double-breasted, buttoned, zippered, and collar, long jackets as well as short-cut, winter, summer and spring jackets.

  • June 2,2020