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Tunic types and models

By Stella Shop

Tunics are one of the most preferred pieces of veiling. Long tunic or tunic shirt and trousers or skirts can be combined easily. It is seen that different fabric types and models are preferred in accordance with different seasons. In winter, thick fabrics are preferred, plush and furs can be added to the tunics. In summer and spring months, cotton fabrics or linen tunics are preferred to keep thinner and cooler. When people preferring the plain look choose the solid color tunics, women who love to catch attention are turning to; embroidery, patterned and fresh colored designed tunics. As in all clothes, it is possible to see bead, sequin embroidery, slogans, print and pattern variety in tunics. Floral tunic, striped tunic , asymmetric cut tunic and other many different models and designs are applied on tunics. You can establish various combinations for the particular days and invitations with evening tunic models. At the same time pregnant women prefer maternity tunics too much because of presenting comfortable movement opportunity. We have arranged tunic category that you can find colorful, patterned, plain, simple, classic and sport tunic models for you.  You may visit Sveltostella.com.tr for the most beautiful tunic models.

  • June 2,2020