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women's dresses and styles

By Svelto Stella

Dresses, which are an essential part of every woman's closet, are the most practical way to achieve elegance with one piece. It is always the first choice on a daily basis, in the office and on special occasions.  Casual and abundant cuts are generally preferred in daily dresses. Combed cotton dress is also indispensable in everyday style. In the summer, especially floral patterns and marine patterns are used mostly. One of the most preferred dresses in summer is white dresses. Not only you can use your white dress with a flat sandal during the day, but also with heel-shoes you can last your style from day to night. Moreover, all women know well that, white dresses are the best friend of bronze skin! If you characterize the dresses with the summer season, you are very mistaken! As autumn shows out, you can combine your clothes with rain boots and trench coats. As the weather cools, boots turn out themselves through preferred opaque tights under the dress. You are ready for the winter with your dress combined with coats, plush and leather jackets!  And essential part of office style is black dresses. Black dress, opaque tights and heeled shoe combination is always savior. You can use jocker combination with at least one black dress adding suitable heeled-shoes. Because, whether it is long or short, the black dress always adapts to any place. In addition, nobility and elegance of black should not be underestimated. However, the image of an attractive and brave woman in today's fashion does not hesitate to take a leopard fur coat when combining black dress with neon tights!  Particularly, it seems so cool to combine classic dresses and even evening dresses with sneaker shoes.  Undoubtedly, it is possible to come across the different stylish and special dress in every woman’s closet. Again and again dresses are usual savior in the representation of classic dresses designed generally  for offices beside abundant and comfort  dresses , midi size colorful dresses-headcrown of weekend visits, including the particular nights.  Favourite of invitations such as graduation, wedding, engagement are of evening dresses. And the most preferred models commonly are strapless dresses and long dresses. Colors such as red and purple stand out for those who want to attract attention, and sequined, sequined dresses, which have never lost their popularity in recent years, are among the most preferred, too. You can visit our website Sveltostella.com.tr for a variety of colorful dress models and look in at our dress category.

  • June 1,2020